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( Last updated on Sunday, January 15, 2023)

New Link to Access Our ETSY On-line Shoppe

We have been advised by ETSY to display the new link to access our ETSY on-line marketplace. Due to the ease of ordering and on-line security measures to protect confidential credit card information, we prefer that all orders be placed through Etsy at this time. This ETSY link is . We look forward to filling your orders through this site as we are currently developing new products to compliment our 'Copper Match Extender with Wick Dipper Hook' which will be available later this year.

Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2023!

As the year comes to a close we'd like to thank our customers for their support and business. We've had many customers accessing our ETSY website and for that we're also thankful. We will continue updating this company website but you may also access our ETSY site at for our other unique product lines. We recently redesigned our popular 'Handy Match Extender' in an all copper version which is now available on our ETSY site. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and another successful new year!

Introduction To Our Copper Match Extender with Wick Dipper Hook!

We're happy to announce the introduction of our new 'Copper Match Extender with Wick Dipper Hook' for lighting short wicks at the bottom of jar/container candles. The 7.25" solid copper wire is hand crafted to hold a match for lighting jar candles and also for dipping candle wicks . We've also introduced a longer version of our Copper Match Extender Tool with a special 12" long extender for lighting fireplaces. outdoor pizza ovens, wood stoves, and charcoal grills. Our match extender tools are crafted from 100% solid copper wire/tubing that has been verified as new copper made in the U.S.A.. Images of these new copper wire  tools are posted on our NEW PICS PAGE  as well on our Products Page Copper Match Extender with Wick Dipper Hook.

Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2022!

As the year comes to a close we'd like to thank our customers for their support and business. We've had many customers accessing our ETSY website and for that we're also thankful. We will continue updating this company website but you may also access our ETSY site at for our other unique product lines. We recently redesigned our popular 'Handy Match Extender' in an all copper version which is now available on our ETSY site. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and another successful new year!

Introduction of Our New Copper Match Extender Tool!

After much experimentation and redesigning our popular steel wire 'Handy Match Extender', we are happy to announce that the results were worth the effort! The new design uses elements from our original design but incorporates a more durable and presentable tool made from 100% pure copper wire. The new fire starting tool uses new American made copper wire that is made with 20% heavier gauge wire than the previous steel wire version. Due to the non-corrosive copper material the tool will maintain the finish better and last longer. The new 'Copper Match Extender Tool' is 7.25" long and retains the unique heart shaped love handle. We are also designing a longer 12" version for lighting grills, fireplaces, and woodstoves.

The new copper design incorporates a unique tension clasp made from rolled copper wire that features a hook which offers distinct advantages over the old design. The hook can be used to set the match extender on the edge of a jar candle to facilitate lighting the match for lighting the candle wick. This makes lighting the match safer by securing it to the lip of the jar candle. After introducing our new design we are making plans to promoting and selling them through our company website as well as other venues. Photos of our new Handy Copper Match Extender will soon be uploaded to our website!

Until then we will continue selling our Copper Match Extender at our ETSY storefront. The match extenders sell on ETSY for $9.95 plus state sales tax and First Class mail charges. The link to our ETSY listing is;                                                                                   



Relinquishing Our Toll Free Number!

For about 20 years the New Millennium Candle Company has provided a toll free to our customers for placing orders and inquiring about our products and services. We've maintained this free long distant service even as the popularity of cell phone plans made phone calling rates more affordable.  Therefore we've recently decided to eliminate our toll free number access. We will still be available for direct communication through our business phone line at 715-675-4448. We regret discontinuing this service but hopefully the changes we are making will make our phone lines better with clearer static free quality.

New Products and Projects for 2017!

After recently repairing and renovating a 50 year old Santa Claus candle for a customer in Florida we've posted images of this new restoration on our New Pics page. With my recent decision to retire from any outside employment, I've decided to pursue the development of new products for this company. We will also begin reworking some past designs that we will be promoting here and on our ETSY website at the New Millennium Candle Company. Please check out both of our company websites to keep track of our new and innovative products. We will continue to offer custom production services to artists looking for a source of our talented casting skills for unique urethane resin and lead free pewter designs.

Latest Candle Repair and Restoration Service

We still continue to be challenged with our custom candle repairing and restoration services. We recently received a broken bunny candle that has been part of customer's life for twenty years. The vintage candle casting was broken in two areas and required numerous tubular dowel pins to join and strengthen the broken segments. The bunny's broken seams were filled with colored wax and then textured to resemble the original bunny hair. Images of the bunny candle before and after the restoration are posted on our New Pics page as well as on or Custom Candle Repair Services page.

Company Website Showing It's Age After A Decade and a Half!

After more than 15 years our website has provided our customer and visitors a with a place to view our unique products and new designs. We also were able to receive and process orders placed on-line through our ORDER webpage. Recently we've become aware that certain features of our website are no longer functional due to changes in operating systems and viewing on smart phones. We are currently  in the process of updating our 'ancient' web site so that it will be user friendly on mobile phones so orders can be sent through our on-line ORDER page. Until then if you find something that you'd like to receive more information or to place an order please contact us by e-mail at or by phone 1-715-675-4448. Thank you for your patience while we upgrade or site and begin adding new and unique products for the 2016 season.

Outstanding ETSY Orders for the TRANE Replica Models!

The response to our initial offering of the TRANE Precedent A/C RTU replica model business card holders was overwhelming! We received individual orders from throughout the country as well as a corporate order from Denver, Colorado. These orders are currently being finished and will be ready for shipping on Monday December 16th in time for Christmas. Customers using the ETSY site to place their order will be notified by e-mail when their order has been shipped. Thanks again for placing an order through our ETSY website of the New Millennium Candle Company!

New Order of Replica A/C RTU Replica Models for TRANE Manufacturing!

Another order of custom RTU A/C replica models were delivered to the Florida division of TRANE this month. The original factory colored urethane resin models were individually cast in a custom one piece mold with a special core mold which created an inner cavity. There was also a specially cast detailed bottom plate which is bonded to the base and encloses the model sealing the internal cavity. The flexible urethane mold was also modified with a special formed plate which created an elongated slot on the top surface of the model. This slot can be used for displaying and dispensing company business cards. Photos of the unique miniature A/C RTU model are displayed on our New Pics page.

New Projects for 2013!

With another year upon us, we are moving forward with some new and interesting projects. We're currently working on repairing a 120 year old first communion candle that was broken and badly warped over the years. The candle sections needed to be straightened and joined together with an epoxy glue. The repaired and straightened candle now looks like it did over a century ago. New pics will soon be posted on our NEW PICS webpage along with another first communion candle we also just repaired. Along with this repair projects we're beginning a new custom pewter casting project for an artist in Florida. The six new charm designs will be formed in a new mold and cast in lead free pewter this month. Watch for new pics of this latest casting project on our website.

New Image of Recent Wedding Candle Set using a Couple's Personal Monogram Design!

We recently had a request by a couple in Miami, Florida to provide them their wedding candle set utilizing their own personal monogram design. The font type and spacing was copied from their jpeg image which we used in our candle engraving process to recreate their monogram for their unity candle and the two lighting taper candles. An image of this monogrammed wedding candle set is now displayed on our New Pics page. Please note that this special service incurs a slightly additional cost to match the candle engraving to the invitation card monogram.

New Images of Pewter Casting Project for a Designer in Florida!

New images of custom pewter casting project for a designer in Florida are now displayed on our New Pics page. The four original charm designs were cast using our lead free pewter alloy, prepped by removing the flashing lines, and drilled with a #50 drill bit for a small jump ring. The finished pewter charms were then submersed in a pewter blackening solution and lightly buffed to give the charms a nice antique finish. They were then sealed with clear lacquer to protect the surface of the intricately carved design. These charms will be available soon on the customer's website and we'll update her address on our NEWS/INFO webpage.

Planning Ahead for Your 2010 Wedding with a Monogrammed Unity Candle!

Due to the current economic slowdown, we've been undertaking a few jobs outside of our usual business services. Some of this new work has become very involved and has even caused some delays in the production of our standard core products and services. If you will be requiring a custom monogrammed wedding candle set for a Spring or Summer wedding next year, we would appreciate your orders to be placed as soon as possible to insure a prompt delivery before your wedding date. We will do everything possible to expedite all custom orders but some delays may become inevitable.  Thank you for supporting us through these difficult economic times!

New Pics of Our Recent Custom Casting Projects with an Image from Historic Fort Snelling!

After recently finishing the custom pewter casting jobs for our customers we've posted the new images on our NEW PICS web page. The completed projects include the casting of military musket rifles lead flint pads at Fort Snelling for the Minnesota Historical Society and uniform buttons cast in lead free pewter. The small 1/2" diameter pewter buttons were created with four button holes during the casting process. The photo of the uniformed military parade at Historic Fort Snelling reveals some of the custom work we've done for the Minnesota Historical Society. We also finished the latest edition of Raggedy Ann & Andy® pewter figurine collectibles created especially for the national Raggedy Ann & Andy® Festival in Arcola, Illinois. The refined modeling of the original crude casting designs is apparent in the unpainted versions of the figurines. The scope and range of our pewter casting ability is shown in the examples of these quality custom projects.

New Design Style for Our Monogrammed Wedding Candle Sets!

We recently created a monogrammed wedding candle set for a couple celebrating their 2008 wedding in Florida next month. The custom ivory monogrammed unity candle included the bride and groom's first names and we also engraved their last names vertically on a pair of ivory tapered lighting candles. We will now offer this unique engraving detail to our tapered lighting candles for couples who are interested in these personalized tapered candles for their wedding. Images of this special ivory wedding candle set can be seen on our MONOGRAMMED UNITY CANDLES web page.


New Web Page Offering Pewter Humpback Whale Tails!

The recent reproductions of the unique Humpback whale tail pewter sculpture for an artist in Alaska has been added to our company website. We will now offer his whale tail sculptures through our website for sale to collectors on the Internet. His beautifully symmetrical whale tails design are hand cast in lead free pewter and will make a great statement on top of a desktop or inside a display case. You can check out Jim Lesh's Humpback whale tail design on our Pewter Whale Tails web page.


Two Color Script for Our Monogrammed Unity Candles!

We recently created a wedding candle for a couple in South Dakota that asked us to create a monogram using two script colors. The ivory pillar candle was engraved with Edwardian Script ITC and filled with Emperor's Gold (DecoArt DA-148) and outlined with Dark Chocolate (DA-65). This two color monogram design looks great and we will now offer this unique dual color detail in the customer's color choices for future unity candle orders. You may check out the images and details of this new design on our Monogrammed Unity Candle web page.


New Torso Candleholders and Pheromone Scented Candles for Fun 'n Flirty!

We have been contracted by a company in Minneapolis specializing in pheromone scented sensuality items to create unique torso shaped candleholders to add to their website. The candleholders will be specifically designed to hold a pheromone scented votive candle and will be marketed under their 'shh...don't tell' ™ product line. We will be doing all of the creative modeling for both the female and male torsos, casting them in a fireproof urethane resin, as well as pouring the pheromone scented votive candles. The photos of these unique candleholders will be posted on our New Pics page as soon as they become available.


New Tapered Wedding Candles!

With the success of our monogrammed unity candles we are now creating molds for casting our own tapered candles. These new candle molds will allow us to offer matching wedding sets of tapered candles with our unity pillar candle. The candle sets will be able available unscented or custom scented from our large list of available candle fragrances. The tapered wedding candles can also be engraved with the couple's first name initials to match the monogrammed unity candle. These new molds should be ready for casting in the next few weeks. You can check out the progress of our new tapered candles on our New Pics page.


New Interactive Monogrammed Unity Candle Web Page!

With the recent interest of our Monogrammed Unity Candles, we've redesigned the web page to make it easier for couples to choose the features and styles available for monogramming their unity candle. All of our personalized monograms are permanently engraved into the candle using a special engraving process, unlike other monogrammed unity candles that use a preprinted clear acrylic label glued to the candle surface. The new web page gives our customers 9 simple steps in designing and creating a monogram for their personalized wedding candle. We've also grouped the images of finished unity candles on another separate web page. If you need any assistance in creating your memorable unity candle you may contact us by phone, e-mail, or by submitting an ORDER form.


Custom Script Color Charts added to the website!

Two Custom Script Color Charts have been added to the website to help customers select the script color for our Heart Shaped Floating Candles or for our custom candle services. The script fill paint we use is DecoArt brand Americana Acrylics and Dazzling Metallics and is available nationally at craft stores. The customer can choose from the color charts on our website or use the DecoArt paint number to purchase the paint and match the color exactly. 


New Personalized Heart Candles Web Page!

The Heart Floating Candles web page has been renamed Personalized Heart Candles to reflect the unique service we are able to offer our customers. The special procedure we've developed allows us to personalize and emboss names and dates onto the candle surface. The heart candles for a New York couple's engagement party revealed the fine detail that can be achieved with our special embossing service. Pics and design details of these candles are displayed on this new web page.


Chart of candle fragrances available for our custom candle services!

Recently added to the website is a listing of over 200 candle fragrances that are available for our custom candle casting services. The chart is subdivided into 6 categories; Floral/Herbal, Fruit/Nutty, Bakery/Sweets, Beverages, Outdoors/Seasonal, and Miscellaneous Candle Scents. This will help you if you require that perfect fragrance to compliment our custom candle services. We hope that you will find this list informative and helpful.


New formatted features added to the company website!

The most noticeable new feature are sound files added to the web pages. The addition of interesting music will enhance the browsing experience as well as add a new dimension to the website. New headings with a more attractive font graphic were also added to make the site easier to navigate and read. We hope you'll enjoy these new changes to the website and that you return often to see the many new products coming to the New Millennium Candle Company.


New Mountainscapes™ Web page featuring the Rib Mountain Sculpture!

With the recent completion of the second generation mold for the Rib Mountain Mountainscapes™ sculpture cast in crystal clear resin, it was time to create a web page featuring this new product line. This new web page will feature unique details of the first in a series of mountain profiles to be used in a multitude of original products. Currently this page will feature a variety of pics showing the new sculpture's details and features. Future Mountainscapes™ web pages will be periodically updated until the finished design and new products are prominently described and displayed.


Custom Color Chart added to the website!

A Custom Color Chart has been added to the website to help customers select a special color for our Heart shaped floating candles or our custom candle services. The customer can choose from the color selection or use this chart to get an approximate color match and shade that they desire. 


Archived New Pics move to the newly expanded Photo Gallery!

With the ever expanding New Pics page, the older pics will now be archived on the special Photo Gallery page. This will keep the New Pic page more current and will also allow it to load  faster. The new Photo Gallery page will contain archived pics of seasonal interests from northern Wisconsin and other interesting photographs. 


2014 Activity Calendar added to the Website!

Included in this updated website is a 2008 activity calendar for the New Millennium Candle Company. Depending on the work schedule and product development, we may plan to attend a few art and craft festivals around the state of Wisconsin. The craft show, location, and the dates with times will be listed on this activity calendar. The calendar will also be used to announce availability of products and projected release dates of new designs. 


Artist Profile

We are now producing a limited line of juice glass candles scented with a fresh squeezed orange juice fragrance. They are very realistic in scent and color with simulated "orange pulp" floating on top of the candle.
The personalizing service for our heart candles is now available in limited quantities. We can now offer our floating heart candles impressed with the customer's choice of script style and color, scented or unscented for special occasions and celebrations.
The sculptures of the Rib Mountain Mountainscapes™ will soon be cast in crystal clear rigid urethane and high grade lead free pewter mounted on a solid oak wood base.
The Wisconsin State of the Union™ Votives are now available in a special patriotic gift set. The boxed set includes candles of red, white, and blue with cranberry, vanilla, and blueberry scents matching the colors.
Our Tri-scented Candle Cordials™ are now available in limited supplies. They are scented with chocolate, vanilla, and cherry fragrances!
Our special line of Mountainscape™ tea light candle holders are in an early developmental stage and should also be available sometime in 2004.


Artist Profile
(These are the press releases we've issued over the years) 
New Millennium Candle Company responds to the lead core wicking problem.
Midnight Prayers in the Holy City - Article from January 1st, 2000!


Artist Profile




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