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Our New Copper Match Extender Tool for Container Candles



   Our Long Copper Match Extender Tool for fireplaces, wood stoves, and charcoal grilles

Description of our Copper Match Extender Tool


Our heavy gauge, hand crafted, solid copper wire match extender tools
 are perfect for holding a match for lighting jar candles
or for starting wood stoves, charcoal grille fires, or outdoor campfires.
We offer two different versions of our Copper Match Extender Tool.

Our original version match extender is 7.25" long and just the right size for lighting
 a short wick at the bottom of a tall container jar candle.
 This solid copper wire match extender for candles is 20% longer
 than many vintage, light gauge, black steel wire match extenders.

Our new 12" long extender is about 5" longer then our jar candle version
 and is designed for lighting charcoal grilles, rustic fireplaces, or wood stoves.
 This version match extender tool has an overall length of 13.5" including the wooden match,
 which makes it approximately 3" longer then standard butane lighters,
 allowing it to reach deeper into the grille or stove.
 This match extender also features a strong reinforced copper tube handle
 that prevents bending and warping of the tool.
 Since the extender is made from 100% pure copper it can be kept outside
 without fear of rusting or oxidizing, although you will notice it develop a nice patina over the years.
 Both versions of our match holders features a classic heart shaped handle design.

The adjustable rolled copper sliding clasp on both versions securely holds a match
 to the extender tool for lighting candle wicks or starting wood kindling.
 Our unique copper wire clasp also features an integral hook
 for attaching the tool to the lip of a jar candle,
 or onto a grille edge which safely assists in lighting the match head.
 With the clasp slid to the end of the tool, the hook can also be useful for lifting a candle wick
 that's been bent over into the wax. (This operation should be done only after the flame is out and the wick has cooled down.)

All of the wire and tubing used in the production of our match extenders are verified to be 100% new copper made in the U.S.A.!

(NOTE: The jar candle, matches, and firewood in the images are not included!)

Copper Match Extender Tool

 Design Length and Style

Retail Price Each
Copper Match Extender Tool - 7.25" for container jar candles $10.95
Copper Match Extender Tool - 12.00" for fireplaces, charcoal grilles $18.95
First Class Mail shipping charges - per unit $3.75

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