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Welcome to our special New Pics page of new and unique shots of our products and other interesting photographs. This web page of digital images will help us keep you informed on our new product designs and other interesting pics from the countryside of Northern Wisconsin. New pics will be added periodically to this page before they become a permanent image to the website.

( Last updated on Saturday, June 04, 2022)


Rib Mountain State Park near Wausau
Panoramic view of Rib Mountain State Park and the Granite Peak Ski Area near Wausau, Wisconsin


Our New Copper Match Extender with Wick Dipper for Container Jar Candles


   Our Long 12" Version Copper Match Extender Tool for fireplaces, wood stoves, and charcoal grilles



Vintage 50 year old Santa Claus candle with broken boots and scours and bubbles on the surface


Restored vintage 50 year old Santa Claus candle mounted on a solid wood base


Vintage 20 year old bunny candle broken in three sections and restored with dowels, colored wax, and texturing to resemble original surface


Frog on lily pad pewter belt buckle




Initial order of TRANE replica RTU A/C models modified as business card holders


New castings of original pewter charms for Ronda, a designer in Florida         
Personalized wedding candle set for a couple's wedding in Miami 2010
using their wedding invitation for the monogram design



Examples of custom monogrammed unity candles and wedding candle sets for 2009
New 2008 edition hand painted pewter Raggedy Ann & Andy ® musical figurines     


New edition lead free pewter figurines of Raggedy Ann & Andy ®


      Historic Fort Snelling Militry Parade        

Lead flint pad reproduction castings for military flintlock rifles at Historic Fort Snelling


Custom pewter utility buttons and hardware for military uniforms at Fort Snelling and the Minnesota Historical Society
Front surface detail of custom pewter button        Solid cast pewter buttons with two shades of pewter blackening        Rear surface detail of custom pewter button   
       Custom solid pewter hardware  castings with an integral rear shank for a Wisconsin artist in Door County
WhaleTailPewterPic003.jpg (215698 bytes)                       
Custom Pewter casting project of a Humpback whale tail for an artist in Alaska 


Details of broken Ollie figurine wax candle           Ollie original facial details          OllieRepairPic025.JPG (406327 bytes)
 Details of broken 30 year old Oliver Hardy candle figurine from England  
              OllieRepairPic 033.JPG (84700 bytes)          OllieRepairPic 041.JPG (574622 bytes) 
                              Finishing details of the Oliver Hardy candle with the ebony stained pedestal           
          Raggedy Ann & Andy hand painted pewter castings           Raggedy Ann & Andy hand painted pewter castings 
            ® hand painted solid pewter castings 

Reverse side detail of Raggedy Ann 90th anniversary pewter casting           Finished polished pewter Raggedy Ann & Andy bookends          Reverse side detail of pewter Raggedy Ann copyright information     

Details of the Raggedy Ann & Andy ® lead free pewter castings 
Custom plaque mounted on an architectural column at the Market Street development in Houston
        Meredith and Guy's engagement candles        Personalized Heart Candles Trays           
Personalized Heart Candles for an engagement party  
Personalized Heart Candles Trays        Jody and Damien's wedding candles           
Personalized heart candles for a New York wedding celebration
     Rib Mountain Pewter Mountainscape       Rib Mountain Pewter Mountainscape       Rib Mountain Pewter Mountainscape
        First pics of the fine grade pewter casting of the Rib Mountain Mountainscape™ 
                USSTRATCOM commemorative pewter sculptures        USSTRATCOM commemorative pewter sculptures        USSTRATCOM commemorative pewter sculptures
                  Latest pewter castings for the USSTRATCOM at Offutt AFB, Nebraska
 New custom candle design for the Allograft Resources     Close-up view of the new custom candle design     Close-up view of the new custom candle design
Newly designed details of the revised RTI Donor Services - Allograft Resources commemorative candle
Racks of custom candles for the Allograft Resources     Custom candles for the Allograft Resources     Racks of custom candles for the Allograft Resources     Racks of custom candles for the Allograft Resources
 Commemorative candles for memorial candle lighting ceremonies

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