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 Heart Shaped Floating Candles
Our heart shaped floating candles are a nice design that are available in a rainbow of colors and in wide variety of fragrances. They are a good burning candle with an actual 4 hour burn time in a dry candle holder or 3 hours floating in water and make great keepsake gifts for special celebrations. The candle is about 2 inch diameter and inch deep and they will fit nicely in our glass coaster candle holder. 


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         Tray of personalized heart candles
           Personalized Heart Floating Candles

Our floating heart candle is now available in limited quantities with unique personalizing for special occasions. These personalized candles will make an ideal remembrance gift for weddings, anniversaries, or other special celebrations. 

The unique process we've developed has given reliable and consistent results for impressing names and dates onto the candle surface.  The candles can be cast in basic white wax or in a variety of colors to match the occasion and scented from our large list of candle fragrances. The recessed lettering script is then filled with a contrasting color. 


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Heart Shaped Floating Candles

 Price per each

25 - 49 50 - 99 100 - 199 200 +
Plain - Unscented  $1.25  $1.05  $.95  $.90 
Plain - Scented   N/A $1.30 $1.25  $1.20 
Personalized - Unscented  N/A $2.35  $2.25  $2.10
Personalized - Scented N/A $2.60  $2.50 $2.40 

There is a minimum order of 25 unscented plain heart candles per color and a minimum of 50 for our personalized or custom scented heart shaped floating candles. Heart candles colors or scents can be combined to make up the total candle order. We offer free Priority Mail ground shipping on all prepaid custom personalized or scented heart orders over $150.


The custom impression service that we are now offering our customers will allow us to personalize our heart floating candles with names and dates to commemorate special occasions and anniversaries. 
Hand poured heart candles
Hand cast paraffin wax candles with your choice of personalized colors and fragrances from our custom candle colors and fragrances charts. 
Impression design preferences 
The design layout for the impression process can include a variety of script and font styles.
Hand Finishing
After impressing, the recessed lettering is filled with your choice of contrasting color and sealed with a protective coating. 
Procedures in customizing our heart shaped floating candles 
A. Computer assisted designing
Computer programs create the layout for the personalizing and reduces it into a digital image for the impression process. Digital images of the designs are sent by e-mail for customer's feedback and final approval. 
B. Candle casting
The candles are cast with a quality paraffin white wax or the customer's choice of candle color. They can also be cast with a candle fragrance or made unscented.  
C. Impression  process
After impressing the candle surface, the recessed lettering is filled with the customer's choice of a contrasting color.

D. Candle finishing

The candle is then polished and sprayed with a clear acrylic sealer to protect the candle surface.


                                      Style #1                                       
   Lucida calligraphy personalized          Mary/David personalized heart candle  
                Lucida Calligraphy filled with gold paint   
    Style #2 
    Palace Script MT personalized          Meredith/Guy personalized heart candle  
                      Palace Script MT filled with lavender paint            
    Style #3 
    French Script MT personalized          Jody/Damian personalized heart candle  
                      French Script MT filled with gold paint     

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Click on button to access metallic color chart     Custom Color Script Metallic Paint Chart  

Click on button to access acrylic color chart     Custom Color Script Acrylic Paint Chart    


Please contact us for more information on this great gift idea and how we can
personalize this unique heart candle for your special celebration.


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