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"Lighting the way into the New Millennium . . . from Wausau to the World!"



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Unique shots of our candles in the Middle East!

 Y2K candles at the Great Pyramid of Ghiza                     Y2K candles at the Golden Gate in Jerusalem

Floral Pics!

LesFleurs032.JPG (144380 bytes)   LesFleurs044.JPG (104495 bytes)   LesFleurs064.JPG (108572 bytes)   LesFleurs068.JPG (84746 bytes)

LesFleurs057.JPG (154458 bytes)   LesFleurs058.JPG (90428 bytes)   LesFleurs059.JPG (74328 bytes)   LesFleurs118.JPG (450423 bytes)

LesFleurs 005.JPG (153038 bytes)    LesFleurs 004.JPG (118639 bytes)     LesFleurs 006.JPG (179947 bytes)

 LesFleurs102.JPG (89972 bytes)   Lilacs001.JPG (138213 bytes)   Lilacs002.JPG (135550 bytes)    LesFleurs 113.JPG (113601 bytes)
Collection of various flowers of the summer


Critter Pics!

Chipmunk 003.JPG (158087 bytes)     Peppy135.JPG (174338 bytes)
Chipmunk and adversary 
    Frog_157.JPG (335767 bytes)     AutumnPics_018.5.JPG (82133 bytes)
Frog and grasshopper preparing for another long Wisconsin winter


Winged Pics!

Butterflys142.JPG (159399 bytes)     Butterflys145.JPG (254077 bytes)
Butterflies preparing flight plans for a long trip south
 HummingBird002.JPG (98832 bytes)     HummingBird001.JPG (62204 bytes)
Hummingbirds at the feeder
TurkeyPics_086.JPG (100944 bytes)   TurkeyPics_090.JPG (87368 bytes)   TurkeyPics_122.JPG (137417 bytes)   
Wild turkeys strutting out in the open fields


Landscape views of Northern Wisconsin!

Rib Mountain State Park and the Granite Peak Ski Area near Wausau, Wisconsin
SunrisePics 005.JPG (49378 bytes)   SunrisePics 006.JPG (40906 bytes)   SunrisePics 007.JPG (55734 bytes)   SunrisePics 009.JPG (53771 bytes)
Stunning sunrise vistas
BalloonPics01.JPG (122504 bytes)     BalloonPics02.JPG (73068 bytes)     BalloonPics03.JPG (88446 bytes)     
Late evening hot air balloon landing at the ranch of the New Millennium Candle Company
Rainbow08.JPG (96507 bytes)   Clouds021.JPG (147174 bytes)   Clouds023.JPG (148308 bytes)   Rainbow11.JPG (113016 bytes)
  Double rainbows and heavenly clouds after a late evening summer storm 

   LandscapeView130.JPG (304454 bytes)    LandscapeView129.JPG (478402 bytes)  

Round hay bales resting after a hot summer day 




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