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Custom Cold Cast Ceramic Plaque 


This is another unique custom service of the New Millennium Candle Company. We are becoming more experienced with the cold cast ceramic process using Hydrocal White and also a specially formulated fiberglass reinforced gypsum product for exterior applications. We offer similar casting services for this ceramic like material as our custom candle and pewter casting services.

Key Benefits

    Less expensive than solid pewter castings
    Unlimited design possibilities using our flexible synthetic molds
    Available in an exterior grade ceramic material for signage
    Variety of metallic surface materials including bronze, copper, and pewter


This is a new service that we can now offer our customers. We are still learning the possibilities and limits with cold cast ceramic casting and we are able to offer the same custom abilities that we can currently offer for our custom candle and pewter casting services.

Mold Making
Duplication of company logos or original designs into a 3-D model
Hand Decorating
Hand painting and decorating available to match specific design schemes
Sealing available for a long lasting durable finish
Procedures in creating the custom ceramic exterior plaque
A. Market Street original design signage
B. Blueprint layout for the custom logo plaque
C. Computer assisted designing
Computer program takes a photograph, logo, or blue print drawing and recreates it as a digital image.
B. Exacting model making skills
Special talents and modeling skills replicate the digital image into a full scale model.
C. Unique mold-making capabilities
Unique mold making procedure allows for exacting duplication of the model's details.
D. Hand casting and hand painting
Hand poured cold cast ceramic and decorated to match the original design.

Custom Plaque Model Making Design Details

                      A                                        B                                                 

Seven Color Paint Scheme Details


                      1                                                        3                            4                     
                             5                                                          7                           

Seven color paint scheme details for the Market Street custom cast gypsum plaque

1. Light Beige - background and lower stripes

2. Glass Green - raised star base color

3. Purple - textured ring

4. Dark Beige - raised stripes

5. Bright Blue - horizontal stripe detail

6. Dark Green - star facets

7. Dark Green - brush strokes

Finished Plaque Job Site Pics

Custom plaque mounted outside on an architectural column
Plaque mounted at the Market Street shopping development near Houston


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