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Due to the original designs and the intensive labor requirements for custom orders, there is need for a consistent billing policy that is in agreement with the customer and the New Millennium Candle Company. The procedure for all custom casting services can be broken down into a specific order. 

  1. The first step is the creative and designing process for the custom casting order. 

  2. Next a model or sculpture is made with the customer's input and approval.

  3. A simple mold is made for casting a wax copy of the model or sculpture.

  4. The wax copy is sent to the customer for their inspection and final approval.

  5. A series of molds are created for the production casting process.

  6. The pieces are cast and finished according to the customer's needs and desires.

  7. The finished pieces are packaged and sent F.O.B. from Wausau, Wisconsin.

The current company billing policy regarding custom casting services are listed as follows.

Upon approval from the customer, a 50% deposit for the modeling phase of the casting job is required before the modeling/sculpting process begins.

A mold will be produced from the model/sculpture and a wax copy will be cast and sent to the customer for final approval.

With the customer's acceptance and approval by telephone or e-mail, the 50% balance of the modeling/mold making process is required before the production casting process begins.

The casting process will begin and the payments for the finished products will become due when the casting job is complete. Payments for the finished pieces will be due in accordance with the agreed terms of the New Millennium Candle Company and the customer.


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