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Examples of Our Custom Pewter Casting Services




This is an expanding custom casting service of the New Millennium Candle Company. We've done many pewter casting jobs for customers looking for a low volume requirements at a reasonable price.

Pewter Benefits

Beautiful imagery
Heavy weighted with an impressive quality 
Reasonably priced compared to precious metal casting


The pewter casting service that we are now offering our customers will allow us to replicate an original idea or design into a heavy weighted quality pewter product.
Experienced Mold Making
Silicone mold making techniques allows for exceptional detail
High Grade Pewter 
High quality premium grade lead free pewter 
Hand Finishing
Hand polished, buffed, and sealed to retain the unique luster qualities of pewter
Procedures in creating a custom pewter piece 
A. Computer assisted designing
Computer programs take a photograph, logo, or a drawing and reduces it into a digital image.
B. Exacting model making skills
Special talents and modeling skills replicate the digital image into a full scale model.
C. Unique mold-making capabilities
Unique silicone mold making procedure allows for an exact duplication of the model's details.
D. Centrifugally cast and hand finished
Centrifugal casting with lead free pewter and hand finishing assures a unique quality product.

                                         A                                                         B                                 

   Customer's photo image for the custom sculpture     Computer designed image of mushroom cloud sculpture               Full scale model for pewter sculpture casting     Base section of the sculpture with raised lettering    

                                  C                                          D                                 
        Creating the silicone mold for pewter casting               Pewter casting after demolding     Finished pewter sculpture for the USSTRATCOM  
                    Raggedy Ann pewter casting stages of development              
      Reproduction Raggedy Ann Pewter Bookend Development   
        Raggedy Andy pewter casting stages of development
     Reproduction Raggedy Andy Pewter Bookend Development   


Reference Accounts:

Minnesota Historical Society at Historic Fort Snelling, St. Paul Minnesota
Reproduction pewter military hardware for the uniforms used at the historical frontier fort and custom lead flint pads for their muzzle loading muskets.


U.S. Strategic Command at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska
Original pewter sculpture created to honor  members of the USSTRATCOM-Force Assessments team who are departing the division.




Billing Policy for Custom Orders

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