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 Canning jar candles
Hand poured jar candles.


Our canning jar candles are hand poured with a good long burning wax, contain quality ingredients, use lead-free wicking, and are heavily scented. They come in the standard 16 ounce jars as seen in the photos, and will soon be available in a unique 8 ounce "jelly jar" size. Both jar candles can be burned alone or you can accessorize them with our original line of metal jar candle holders.


Artist Profile

Canning Jar Container Candles
Jar Size Retail 1 - 11 12 +
Pint $12.00 each $6.00 each $5.50 each

Available canning jars with fragrance descriptions

Country Passion scented canning jar candles  Country Passion
A warm sensual blend of romantic floral
aromas and warm kitchen spices.




Country Spice scented canning jar candles  Country Spice
A warm tasty blend of kitchen baking spices;
cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and allspice aromas




Cranberry scented canning jar candles  Cranberry
Crisp, tart cranberry fruit with
a scent one can almost taste.





English Ivy scented canning jar candles  English Ivy
Fresh and clean country garden
in a soft springtime fragrance.





Garden Mint scented canning jar candles  Garden Mint
The aroma of fresh sprigs
taken from the mint plant.





Musk scented canning jar candles  Musk
Rich, masculine full scent with hints
of spices, and the deep woods.





Raspberry scented canning jar candles  Raspberry
Sun ripened sweet raspberries
with a slight powdery tartness.





Summer Rain scented canning jar candles  Summer Rain
A rain drenched lily, diffused with a
soft floral aroma, and light musk.





Y2K novelty scented canning jar candles  Y2K unscented novelty jar candle
A red wax inserted form representing the
dubious computer bug of the year 2000.




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