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Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Floater Candle              Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Pillar Candle 
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Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Commemorative Candles

Special candles created for Wisconsin's 150th Statehood Anniversary. The candle on the left is 100% paraffin wax and comes with a glass candle holder. The pillar candle is a full 360 wax casting based on the state sesquicentennial vehicle license plate design.

Y2K novelty candles      
Original free standing Y2K candles

This candle design was created for the international computer crisis that concerned the world in 1999! Although the Y2K bug never really materialized, the days that led up to the Year 2000 were full of trepidation and concern. These unique candles capture the image in a one piece casting with a full length wicking. The base is engraved with the numbers, "01-01-00  00:00:01", the exact beginning of the Year 2000. Available in red and white.


Artist Profile

Commemorative Candles

Price per each




Wis. Sesquicentennial Pillar $65.00  $50.00 call
Wis. Sesquicentennial Disc $9.00  $5.00 call
Y2K Novelty candle $5.00 $3.00 call


Key Benefits

Original designs created for special events or celebrations
Hand cast paraffin candles with hand painted details
Very limited production runs


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