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B'earthday Globe candle with ceramic stand
Light of Bethlehem

The B'earthday™ Globe Candle is an original global candle created to celebrate the miracle of birth on the earth. The colored wick represents a person at their birthplace location on the globe. This long burning candle will allow an annual lighting every year on birthdays to provide many years of memories.

Light of Bethlehem™ is the Christmas version of our popular globe candle. The white and gold candle has a gold wick placed in the birthplace of the Messiah in Bethlehem. The hand cast ceramic candle cradle is white with gold accents. 

Close-up view of the B'earthday Globe Candle        Close-up view of the B'earthday Globe Candle        Close-up view of the B'earthday Globe Candle cradle
Detail pics of the B'earthday™Globe candle and a Wisconsin candle cradle
Personalized candle cradles are available for larger orders


Artist Profile

B'earthday™ Globe Candles

 Price per each

Retail 1 - 10 Dealer
Blue candle with ceramic stand $35.00 $25.00  call
Pink candle with ceramic stand $35.00 $25.00  call
Light of Bethlehem™ $35.00  $25.00  call
Personalized B'earthday™ Globe $40.00  ------ call

Special Features

Original and unique design 
Symbolic imagery for lasting memories
Hand cast and decorated 


Call for special pricing!

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